DS is feeling sooooo much better today, but still not eating anything. We’re pushing the fluids–which basically means I’m never more than three feet from a sippy cup and keep shoving one under his nose every chance I get. Poor Kid.

But he is so muck perkier today than yesterday. There is nothing, NOTHING worse than holding your feverish, crying child and knowing you can’t comfort him. It is truly awful. (I’m sure there are worse things, but I prefer not to think of them)

When my son was sitting so helpless and sad on my lap, his daddy picked up one of our cats and put him in our laps, and God Bless that cat, he stayed! He usually runs away right away. But he stayed right there and my son laughed and kiss kiss kissed the cat and I have never loved that cat more than I did at that moment. I cried I was so thankful to him for making my son happy for a few moments. I actually cried! He deserves a little kitty medal, such a good cat! (I can be forgiven for crying over something so silly when you remember I was running on no sleep. Later I had a lengthy bout of tipsy laughter over something that, when you come to think of it, really isn’t that funny. It’s funny, but not THAT funny.)

It’s About Time!

March 27, 2006

Gosh! It’s been ages since I updated! So I know ther isn’t a huge devoted folowing here, but for the random peekers-in, here’s all the news that is the news.

I’ve been a slacker on my garden boxes, which is just as well since we had snow the other day. Snow!!! It’s spring! there should be no more snow. So says I.

Beautiful boy is not feeling well at all. He had a stomach bug and have no idea where he caught it. The result though, is that nobody in our house got any sleep at all last night and I’ve washed all the bedding twice!

And in writing news–my current WIP, a YA novel, has a 20,000 word count! That’s 20% of a novel folks. That’s not too shabby 🙂

Pure Bliss

March 13, 2006

I am sitting on the couch a good book open beside me, dinner is in the oven, the timer will beep in a few moments. My boys–husband and son–are kneeling on the floor next to the wooden train track, experimanting with track configuration and speed of cars. I love it when everybody is home and happy 🙂
Mmmmmm the timer has just gone. Lasagna, yummy.

Is Adoption Fun?

March 11, 2006

Somebody asked me today if adoption is fun. Hmmmm. Fun. Perhaps not the word I would choose. Parenting is fun, getting there is hard. I guess it’s hard any way you do it. I think adoption is harder, but then I’ve never giving birth and I know there are others who would disagree with me. I was there for the birth of my friend’s second and third babies and it was a lot easier and faster than my “labor and delivery”. But she had fairly easy births, so again how do you compare that?

Is Adoption Fun? Adoption is the path I take to my children. It is hard and slow. Someone else is in charge.

BUT . . .

The end result is fantastic!!!!

The process of adoption itself is not the most fun ever, but being a mom sure is. 🙂

We love Harry Potter in our house. We are so devoted that we come just shy of stalking! So naturally we bought Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as soon as the DVD was available. Incidentally, #4 is my favorite book in the series. Well, this got DH and I to discussing the nuances of dear Severus Snape. (because of course Alan Rickman is deliciously dark in this movie. Yum!) We have a major difference of opinion in the Snape matter. See DH thinks Snape is pure evil, and I think Snape has good in him. Dumbledore believes in Snape and so do I!
Our mature debate went something like this:
DH:Snape is evil
me: No he’s good
DH: no he’s not
me: yes he is
Dh: nope
me: yep
DH: uh uh
me: uh hu
dh: he’s going to snuff it in the next book
me: Maybe, but we’ll all feel sad because he’s good.
Dh: Snape is evil
Me: no he’s good
dh: no he’s not
me: yes he is
dh: nope
me: yep

Get the picture? The final word? He’s wrong and Snape is good. I’m just sure of it. I think. I hope. Oh please let him be good! Write JK Rowling! Write!

I gush a bit about my son. ok, I gush a lot. We waited a really long time for our son and had to go through a lot to get him. I don’t forget that, and I think it gives me just a bit more patience than some others have. But that doesn’t mean I never feel frustrated, or raise my voice. Sometimes I do. Right now we have some serious spitting issues in our house. I just have no idea what to do! I scold, I say “no spitting”, I give time outs–soggy, spit covered time outs. Nothing works. I can’t get him to stop spitting!
He does hit and kick occassionally, but there is usually a reason–frustration, boredom–something that I can solve. and once I fix the problem or change the subject the kicking stops. But the spitting! he thinks it’s funny. It’s not. What’s a girl to do?

Deep Blue Funk
Well that’s a lie. It’s really just a pale blue moment. I’m tired is all. We had a busy day and it has caught up with me. Beautiful Boy and I went to the zoo this morning. Today the Zebras were most interesting to him, and of course the exotic geese that hang out by the feeders. I had to shoo one of them back because it had the gall–the gall I tell you!–to hiss at my son! I said if it hissed again it would get nothing more from us! Amazingly it listened. We spend tons in quarters at the zoo because we love to feed the animals and I have a tiny ecology soap box, so I prefer to buy the food rather than use popcorn or crackers. Our city has a very nice zoo. It’s not one of those miserable places that make you ashamed to be a human. It’s well laid out and comfortable and clean. Except for the chimps, But I think the chimps like it better that way.

Then this afternoon we went swimming. It’s time to put him back in lessons since he is far too daring and has forgotten most of what he learned last year. He thinks he is so big that he doesn’t need mommy’s help, so I have to hover around him, not touching, but not letting him go either. He only went under twice. And he didn’t seem to care as much as I did. He’s totally fearless.

After his bath–daddy gives him his bath–my son informed me that he needs a “aircup” (translation: haircut). Hmmm. I wonder what he and daddy talked about during his bath tonight?

We all saw Curious George this weekend and my two year old budle of energy sat still the whole time and has been talking about George ever since. (See? Curious George goes to the barber? Because of the haircut reference above? Oh never mind. I think I’m funny and that’s all that matters.) It was an excellent film, particularly if you watch with some one very small. I highly recommend it.

Oh, Book Group reminder. Did you get a copy of Antietam? Sometimes I’m glad I didn’t buy a book, but I bought this one and so far I don’t regret it. The writing style is a little academic for my taste, but the information is fascinating.

I should change the name of this blog from “one girl’s opinion” to “all about my son!” Do you get tired of hearing about him? I never get tired of telling about him. And if you do get tired, don’t tell me. Just go read something else instead. Antietam, perhaps.

And this entry should be called Tangent Girl Strikes Again! My goodness but I hop all over the place tonight. Sleep, must go to sleep.

My mother and I went to the garden show today. Our city puts on a pretty spectacular show every year and we just love it. We wait for the ads to come on TV and call each other when we see the first one. Its a breath of spring early. when everything outside is still dead and brown, inside the Garden show the flowers are in full bloom, the trees are covered in blossoms, and the coi swim happily in their water features. The scent of Hyacinths is heady and dizzying in that pleasant, warm fresh way that they have.

But this year there was one highly disappointing problem. Three of the five main displays were NOT handicapped accessible. My mother is in a wheelchair so we were unable to see more than half of the gardens. In past years, while it has been tricky to get the wheelchair into the gardens, it has been possible. This year it wasn’t even possible. Very disappointing. We paid the same entry fee as everyone else, we should have been able to see all the displays. There were several other people in wheelchairs at the show, and they must have been just as disapointed as we were.
I wrote the chairperson, and she responded saying they’ll discuss the problem at the next board meeting. I plan to follow up. I get really defensive of my mom and other people I love. It’s bad enough that half the time people don’t notice her wheelchair and just stand around in the way like she isn’t even there. I want to shout ugly things at them, and shove them out of the way. Or maybe throw something at them. I have resisted the urge, thus far.
People do the same to children, not even noticing their presence till the child makes enough noise. The difference is a three foot tall child can duck through the crowd to see the sights, where as a woman in a wheelshair cannot.
Pay attention people! Open your eyes and see what is around you and if you can help someone by stepping back, do it!
Don’t even get me started on non-handicapped people parking in handicapped spots! or using the handicapped stall in a public Bathroom! I have really ugly things to say about that.

self-confessed Snarkling

March 4, 2006

I have to tell you about Miss Snark. I LOVE her Blog. I’ve been reading her for about a week now and she is so witty and fun and more importantly, knowledgeable. The business of querying and finding an agent is a scary one. And even once you have an agent, knowing how that relationship should work–especially if you have no prior experience to draw on–is invaluable. I have an agent for my picture books. She has minimal contact with me and it is–since I signed a contract–always initiated by me. By minimal I don’t mean once or twice a month, I mean months!! I last spoke with her in the begining of January. I have her home number because I wrote it down from the caller ID after she caled here once. Without it I don’t think I could reach her at all. I sent an e-mail last week. So far no response. This was following Miss Snark’s advice, not for me specifically, but so many of my questions are answered incidentally, through her responses to othere writers. I’ll wait a week and send another e-mail, than one more. We’ll see what happens.
I just want to know who has seen and rejected my work. I want to know that someone is seeing my work, and that it isn’t just collecting dust in a file cabinet somewhere.
OK, enough about my agent. Someday, if I have the nerve and a question that I think is valid, I’ll ask Miss Snark. I’m not afraid of the nitwit of the day award–I bet I could earn a few with very little effort!

Any Snarklings reading this: I do have one question, but maybe you could help. How does one go about choosing a pen name (or three). My real name is thoroughly unpronounceable, so a pen name (or three) is in order. If my agent wasn’t so very hands-off I’d ask her. When we spoke the first time and she made a butchered mess of my name I assured her I would choose a pen name, and though she sounded relieved, she made no suggestions.

All Comments/ideas/suggestions/fantastic, memorable, super-duper pen names that I can use are welcome.

Take a nap

March 2, 2006

My dear son has taken to waking up at 5:30am. We are tired. Usually it does mean that he takes a good nap, but today he took a car nap. Apparently 20 minutes rest is all a growing boy needs. Even as I type I hear him upstairs in his room, his feet thump-thump-thumping as he runs back and forth, so busy all the time. I can hear him resetting the cd player, and talking to himself. Or maybe he’s talking to his stuffed goose. He is going to pass out from exhaustion at 7 pm, and be up tomorrow at 4am. I need a nap. I won’t get one, but I need one. He doens’t think he needs a nap. Thump-thump-thump. pause. Thump-thump-thump. a scream of delight. Nnow he’s shoving somthing under the door. Now he’s knocking. If I go check on him, I’ll have to put him back to bed and spoil his fun. He’s calling me now. Off to spoil the fun.