Hello world!

February 18, 2006

Better Late Than Never! Look at me! I have a blog! Who’d have thunk? I did not know it would be so darn easy! I’m late to every bandwagon, you know. Always have been. Didn’t want a Cabbage Patch till the craze had passed. Only started using e-mail actively a few years ago. Finally bought something on-line just last year. It’s sad but true. I’m slow to these new-fangled technological marvels. If I had lived in ancient Egypt I probably would have watched the pyramids rise from the doorway of my mud hut and said, shaking my head, “Those’ll never last. They’re just a passing fad.”


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. artsymommachic Says:

    mud hut! Ha! You crack me up! Look I’m the first commenter!!! (Is that a word??) Hehe

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