Socially Acceptable Voyerism

February 20, 2006

That’s really what a blog is, isn’t it? A peek into someone elses living room. Not the whole picture, but a fascinating snapshot. I suppose the main difference between Blog surfing and being a Peeping Tom is that the people you are peeking at, know what you’re seeing. After all, they put it there. They want somebody to look. I love the “Next Blog” button at the top of the page. I love to be zipped off into sombody elses world without any predictability at all. Today I saw Rants, and Computer Jargon stuff, Complaints about work, and travel. I saw dog show pictures and sculpture. I saw Blogs in Spanish, Arabic, Swedish, German, Chinese, and some that I didn’t know the languages!
Glimpses of living rooms every where!
My favorite so far is “what not to crochet”. It’s very popular so I assume it is a favorite of lots of people. So clever.
I wonder if anything I say on here will make an impression? Time will tell 🙂


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