20 things about me

February 21, 2006

1 – I have never been pregnant, though I am a mother. I am at peace with never being pregnant most of the time, though occasionally I still struggle with flashes of jealousy over how easy so many other women have it when it comes to having children.
2 – My son and my husband are my whole world and I would be quite content to be with them 24/7.
3 – I teach singing to the primary children at church despite the fact that I can’t read a note of music.
4 – The day my son was placed in my arms was the sweetest and hardest day of my life.
5 – I love to teach, but I hate the idea of “being a teacher”
6 – I loathe exercise, but try to drag myself to the gym at least three times a week anyway.
7 – I’m an avid scrapbooker.
8 – I want to be a cookie-baking-mom, but can’t justify giving my family the sugar.
9 – My husband is Scottish and we read together and I love to listen to him read aloud–Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books all sound best in a Scottish accent.
10 – I have never had a major surgery and am terrified of general anesthesia.
11 – I like to look at people in other cars on the road and wonder where they are headed and what their lives are like.
12 – Infertility and Adoption are my two main soap box issues–and two of my favorite subjects. I’m very open about both subjects because I have struggled with both and feel it would be a shame and a waste if I am the only person to learn from my trials. I don’t suffer in silence very well.
13 – I bite my nails–I can always gauge my stress level by how ragged my fingernails look.
14 – I am dyslexic–mine mostly affects spelling, numbers and handwriting
15 – I changed my major 13 times in college before settling on English.
16 – I love to read–particularly YA literature. I love writing almost as much.
17 – I am personally opposed to guns, but when ever my British husband says guns should be banned a little copy of the constitutional amendments starts flashing in my brain and I instinctively start waving an invisible American Flag.
18 – I have voted in every election, local and national since I was 18.
19 – My favorite book in the whole world is “The Scarlet Letter”
20 – I live in a pink house. Valentine pink. Barbie pink. Pepto Bismol Pink. We bought it that way but haven’t repainted because we like the color.


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