Beautiful Days

March 1, 2006

The weather has been absolutly georgeous the past two days and we’re in for more of the same tomorrow. It’s hard, on a glorious day, to make myself buckle down and get busy. I wrote a whopping 2 paragraphs today. But I also played outside in the lovely warm sunshine with my darling son. His favorite thing in the world right now is his tricycle, which he scoots along on, at speeds too fast for his mama’s peace of mind, ignoring the pedals completely, and laughing like a loon. He is so sooooooo cute! I can say that without conceit, becuase I had nothing to do with how adorably cute he is. 🙂
Tomorrow we go to the local nature center in the morning and in the afternoon I get to break out the power tools! I’m building raised bed boxes for my garden. Super fun!


4 Responses to “Beautiful Days”

  1. iainyoung Says:

    Sounds like you had fun. Today, I had a cockatoo trying to chew off my finger. It was a little daunting until it’s friend landed on my head to much amusement and photo taking. I have to admit that it was a little painful yet fun. My biggest fear was that the cockatoo was going to poop on me, but fortunately it held back. Hopefully, that is a good portent.

    Thesedays, I’m considering my future as I’m not getting in to my new job. It’s only three months in, but it’s already getting to me. Soul-destroying stuff, and it doesn’t leave me with much leisure time. And the main reason to come to Australia is for the lifestyle (I’m a limey if I didn’t already mention). Now I’m considering going back to teaching as I taught English in Korea for nigh on three years. Japan is looking evermore interesting, and some friends suggested it as an option a while back. Decisions, decisions. Guess that I have to make a choice, and then regret nothing.

    Let’s have some pics of this cute kid of yours. The future lady killer and heart breaker ;).

  2. Pictures are above, but they are teeny weeny. You might not be able to sse them real weel unless you squint or use a magnifying glass

    what is this soul-destroying job you have? Coal Miner? Cable Installation Man? Ventriloquist?–I can see where that would be soul-destroying.

  3. iainyoung Says:

    Oh! I just like complaining. In reality, I don’t feel mentally stimulated and don’t have the free time to break a mental stress. Add to that a level of social interaction similar to that of an albatross.

  4. iainyoung Says:

    Above; please squint and move away from the screen until stress reads sweat. Or could that have been a Freudian slip?

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