self-confessed Snarkling

March 4, 2006

I have to tell you about Miss Snark. I LOVE her Blog. I’ve been reading her for about a week now and she is so witty and fun and more importantly, knowledgeable. The business of querying and finding an agent is a scary one. And even once you have an agent, knowing how that relationship should work–especially if you have no prior experience to draw on–is invaluable. I have an agent for my picture books. She has minimal contact with me and it is–since I signed a contract–always initiated by me. By minimal I don’t mean once or twice a month, I mean months!! I last spoke with her in the begining of January. I have her home number because I wrote it down from the caller ID after she caled here once. Without it I don’t think I could reach her at all. I sent an e-mail last week. So far no response. This was following Miss Snark’s advice, not for me specifically, but so many of my questions are answered incidentally, through her responses to othere writers. I’ll wait a week and send another e-mail, than one more. We’ll see what happens.
I just want to know who has seen and rejected my work. I want to know that someone is seeing my work, and that it isn’t just collecting dust in a file cabinet somewhere.
OK, enough about my agent. Someday, if I have the nerve and a question that I think is valid, I’ll ask Miss Snark. I’m not afraid of the nitwit of the day award–I bet I could earn a few with very little effort!

Any Snarklings reading this: I do have one question, but maybe you could help. How does one go about choosing a pen name (or three). My real name is thoroughly unpronounceable, so a pen name (or three) is in order. If my agent wasn’t so very hands-off I’d ask her. When we spoke the first time and she made a butchered mess of my name I assured her I would choose a pen name, and though she sounded relieved, she made no suggestions.

All Comments/ideas/suggestions/fantastic, memorable, super-duper pen names that I can use are welcome.


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