The Garden of Eternal Parental Bliss . . . or not

March 8, 2006

I gush a bit about my son. ok, I gush a lot. We waited a really long time for our son and had to go through a lot to get him. I don’t forget that, and I think it gives me just a bit more patience than some others have. But that doesn’t mean I never feel frustrated, or raise my voice. Sometimes I do. Right now we have some serious spitting issues in our house. I just have no idea what to do! I scold, I say “no spitting”, I give time outs–soggy, spit covered time outs. Nothing works. I can’t get him to stop spitting!
He does hit and kick occassionally, but there is usually a reason–frustration, boredom–something that I can solve. and once I fix the problem or change the subject the kicking stops. But the spitting! he thinks it’s funny. It’s not. What’s a girl to do?

3 Responses to “The Garden of Eternal Parental Bliss . . . or not”

  1. I only have two things to say. Find something he really likes, but make it a rule that only non-spitters are mature enough to do it or get it. After all babies spit. Baby spitters just aren’t old enough to do whatever.
    And learn to develop a sense of humor about these things. If you think this is bad, just wait until he does something worse. And he will.

  2. Thank’s for that bit of wisdom, You know I think it might works. today I tried saying “big boy’s don’t spit” and it seemed to help stem the flow, so to speak. We may consider gum to be the big boy privilege. He does love chewing gum!

    As to the other, I think the problem is more that I have an overly developed sense of humor–especially when it comes to my son. He’s so darn cute, and funny and smart that I think just about anything he does is great. And I do laugh when i think he’s funny. There are a few things I laughed at initially and now–well, they aren’t as funny to me but they are still pretty funny to him. I need to learn not to laugh at potentially “bad” behaviors, at least not where DS can see me.
    To be honest, if nobody gets hurt I’m pretty easy, but the spitting . . . I’m just plain tired of that.

  3. LOL, from the sound of things…’s going to an interesting ride till he “grows up”….. like they ever grow up!

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