It’s About Time!

March 27, 2006

Gosh! It’s been ages since I updated! So I know ther isn’t a huge devoted folowing here, but for the random peekers-in, here’s all the news that is the news.

I’ve been a slacker on my garden boxes, which is just as well since we had snow the other day. Snow!!! It’s spring! there should be no more snow. So says I.

Beautiful boy is not feeling well at all. He had a stomach bug and have no idea where he caught it. The result though, is that nobody in our house got any sleep at all last night and I’ve washed all the bedding twice!

And in writing news–my current WIP, a YA novel, has a 20,000 word count! That’s 20% of a novel folks. That’s not too shabby 🙂

2 Responses to “It’s About Time!”

  1. iainyoung Says:

    Been a slacker, EH! Me too. I’m currently working on quitting my job. As it stands, I’m not enjoying things much, and not being a native to Australian makes things harder. One of the biggest issues is the isolation and lonliness that I’m suffering at the moment. It doesn’t suit my lifestyle or even my way of thinking. So, I decided to call it a day, but I have to time things right. My rental agreement will run out in June, so anytime after that will be time to leave. As for my plans after that, I’m not certain yet. I’ll go back to teaching English I think, but let’s see how things pan out.

    Hope that the little one feels better soon. Í’ve been there many times before; usually spicy food was involved…ouch.

    Good luck with the novel. I started to write my own stuff, but it’s not really working as I’m in a dark place at the moment and most of what I write is unreadable. Too deep and too personal, but it’s a start and I might be able to do something with it later.

  2. It doesn’t sound like thing are too fun right now. Still, if you’re unhappy in your job, better to leave now than wallow in misery. I really understand-oh more than I can say-about the isolation and lonliness of living in a foreign country. I love Scotland, but I am not scottish, and the weather was so cold and greyand sometimes I felt like such an outsider. It was very lonely. Looking back I can’t even think of a way I could have helped myself, I was in such a hole. But we moved, and things changed and it’s better now. I know we’l go back, but this time I am prepared! I know what didn’t work, and won’t do that again.

    If you need to vent, let me know. I’m happy to listen.

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