Pure Bliss

March 13, 2006

I am sitting on the couch a good book open beside me, dinner is in the oven, the timer will beep in a few moments. My boys–husband and son–are kneeling on the floor next to the wooden train track, experimanting with track configuration and speed of cars. I love it when everybody is home and happy 🙂
Mmmmmm the timer has just gone. Lasagna, yummy.

We love Harry Potter in our house. We are so devoted that we come just shy of stalking! So naturally we bought Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as soon as the DVD was available. Incidentally, #4 is my favorite book in the series. Well, this got DH and I to discussing the nuances of dear Severus Snape. (because of course Alan Rickman is deliciously dark in this movie. Yum!) We have a major difference of opinion in the Snape matter. See DH thinks Snape is pure evil, and I think Snape has good in him. Dumbledore believes in Snape and so do I!
Our mature debate went something like this:
DH:Snape is evil
me: No he’s good
DH: no he’s not
me: yes he is
Dh: nope
me: yep
DH: uh uh
me: uh hu
dh: he’s going to snuff it in the next book
me: Maybe, but we’ll all feel sad because he’s good.
Dh: Snape is evil
Me: no he’s good
dh: no he’s not
me: yes he is
dh: nope
me: yep

Get the picture? The final word? He’s wrong and Snape is good. I’m just sure of it. I think. I hope. Oh please let him be good! Write JK Rowling! Write!

Deep Blue Funk
Well that’s a lie. It’s really just a pale blue moment. I’m tired is all. We had a busy day and it has caught up with me. Beautiful Boy and I went to the zoo this morning. Today the Zebras were most interesting to him, and of course the exotic geese that hang out by the feeders. I had to shoo one of them back because it had the gall–the gall I tell you!–to hiss at my son! I said if it hissed again it would get nothing more from us! Amazingly it listened. We spend tons in quarters at the zoo because we love to feed the animals and I have a tiny ecology soap box, so I prefer to buy the food rather than use popcorn or crackers. Our city has a very nice zoo. It’s not one of those miserable places that make you ashamed to be a human. It’s well laid out and comfortable and clean. Except for the chimps, But I think the chimps like it better that way.

Then this afternoon we went swimming. It’s time to put him back in lessons since he is far too daring and has forgotten most of what he learned last year. He thinks he is so big that he doesn’t need mommy’s help, so I have to hover around him, not touching, but not letting him go either. He only went under twice. And he didn’t seem to care as much as I did. He’s totally fearless.

After his bath–daddy gives him his bath–my son informed me that he needs a “aircup” (translation: haircut). Hmmm. I wonder what he and daddy talked about during his bath tonight?

We all saw Curious George this weekend and my two year old budle of energy sat still the whole time and has been talking about George ever since. (See? Curious George goes to the barber? Because of the haircut reference above? Oh never mind. I think I’m funny and that’s all that matters.) It was an excellent film, particularly if you watch with some one very small. I highly recommend it.

Oh, Book Group reminder. Did you get a copy of Antietam? Sometimes I’m glad I didn’t buy a book, but I bought this one and so far I don’t regret it. The writing style is a little academic for my taste, but the information is fascinating.

I should change the name of this blog from “one girl’s opinion” to “all about my son!” Do you get tired of hearing about him? I never get tired of telling about him. And if you do get tired, don’t tell me. Just go read something else instead. Antietam, perhaps.

And this entry should be called Tangent Girl Strikes Again! My goodness but I hop all over the place tonight. Sleep, must go to sleep.

Beautiful Days

March 1, 2006

The weather has been absolutly georgeous the past two days and we’re in for more of the same tomorrow. It’s hard, on a glorious day, to make myself buckle down and get busy. I wrote a whopping 2 paragraphs today. But I also played outside in the lovely warm sunshine with my darling son. His favorite thing in the world right now is his tricycle, which he scoots along on, at speeds too fast for his mama’s peace of mind, ignoring the pedals completely, and laughing like a loon. He is so sooooooo cute! I can say that without conceit, becuase I had nothing to do with how adorably cute he is. 🙂
Tomorrow we go to the local nature center in the morning and in the afternoon I get to break out the power tools! I’m building raised bed boxes for my garden. Super fun!

20 things about me

February 21, 2006

1 – I have never been pregnant, though I am a mother. I am at peace with never being pregnant most of the time, though occasionally I still struggle with flashes of jealousy over how easy so many other women have it when it comes to having children.
2 – My son and my husband are my whole world and I would be quite content to be with them 24/7.
3 – I teach singing to the primary children at church despite the fact that I can’t read a note of music.
4 – The day my son was placed in my arms was the sweetest and hardest day of my life.
5 – I love to teach, but I hate the idea of “being a teacher”
6 – I loathe exercise, but try to drag myself to the gym at least three times a week anyway.
7 – I’m an avid scrapbooker.
8 – I want to be a cookie-baking-mom, but can’t justify giving my family the sugar.
9 – My husband is Scottish and we read together and I love to listen to him read aloud–Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books all sound best in a Scottish accent.
10 – I have never had a major surgery and am terrified of general anesthesia.
11 – I like to look at people in other cars on the road and wonder where they are headed and what their lives are like.
12 – Infertility and Adoption are my two main soap box issues–and two of my favorite subjects. I’m very open about both subjects because I have struggled with both and feel it would be a shame and a waste if I am the only person to learn from my trials. I don’t suffer in silence very well.
13 – I bite my nails–I can always gauge my stress level by how ragged my fingernails look.
14 – I am dyslexic–mine mostly affects spelling, numbers and handwriting
15 – I changed my major 13 times in college before settling on English.
16 – I love to read–particularly YA literature. I love writing almost as much.
17 – I am personally opposed to guns, but when ever my British husband says guns should be banned a little copy of the constitutional amendments starts flashing in my brain and I instinctively start waving an invisible American Flag.
18 – I have voted in every election, local and national since I was 18.
19 – My favorite book in the whole world is “The Scarlet Letter”
20 – I live in a pink house. Valentine pink. Barbie pink. Pepto Bismol Pink. We bought it that way but haven’t repainted because we like the color.

Socially Acceptable Voyerism

February 20, 2006

That’s really what a blog is, isn’t it? A peek into someone elses living room. Not the whole picture, but a fascinating snapshot. I suppose the main difference between Blog surfing and being a Peeping Tom is that the people you are peeking at, know what you’re seeing. After all, they put it there. They want somebody to look. I love the “Next Blog” button at the top of the page. I love to be zipped off into sombody elses world without any predictability at all. Today I saw Rants, and Computer Jargon stuff, Complaints about work, and travel. I saw dog show pictures and sculpture. I saw Blogs in Spanish, Arabic, Swedish, German, Chinese, and some that I didn’t know the languages!
Glimpses of living rooms every where!
My favorite so far is “what not to crochet”. It’s very popular so I assume it is a favorite of lots of people. So clever.
I wonder if anything I say on here will make an impression? Time will tell 🙂

Hello world!

February 18, 2006

Better Late Than Never! Look at me! I have a blog! Who’d have thunk? I did not know it would be so darn easy! I’m late to every bandwagon, you know. Always have been. Didn’t want a Cabbage Patch till the craze had passed. Only started using e-mail actively a few years ago. Finally bought something on-line just last year. It’s sad but true. I’m slow to these new-fangled technological marvels. If I had lived in ancient Egypt I probably would have watched the pyramids rise from the doorway of my mud hut and said, shaking my head, “Those’ll never last. They’re just a passing fad.”