I have commited Purgery!

February 24, 2006

You read it right–purgery! I have thrown out so much junk, and my room feels cool and clean and just wonderful.
My organizer is one tiny woman who moved like the wind! She zipped right through my carefully stacked piles of junk and help me find homes for things to keep and throw out things I don’t need. It is very cathartic!
we found–amidst the junk–$8.18 in change, 15 pounds Sterling from our last UK trip, $20 in movie money and a $20 gift card for best buy! I also found my favorite pair of earings, enough yarn to warm the heart of any granny, and the top of my desk 🙂
Ok, I could have done this by myself, so why did I hire a professional?
It’s about speed. I can do this, but on my own I manage two hours of good purgeing before I start reading every piece of paper and handleing every item like a treasure. I peter out and the job doesn’ t get finished.
Why am I doing this at all? Well . . . it’s about Adoption. I wish I could say this is for me, so my husband and son and I will have a lovely clutter free house, but it’s not. Those are nice benefits. This is about the HOME STUDY. That sounds nicer than it is, believe me.
I truely believe that if every one had to go through what adoptive parents have to go through before they could have kids, there would be no bad parents. We would all be excellent parnets.
the home study is the first step. It is an intensive and invasive investigation of every aspect of our lives by the Powers that Be. It begins with a heafty questionaire to be filled out by both prospective parents individually, covering everything from our finacial well being to the intimacy in our marriage. Nothing is left out. Nothing. Then the health and criminal background checks, and more paperwork. Then the delightful home inspection. Oh yes.
Now my home isn’t terrible. We feel fine having friends over. We do clean up before the in-laws come, but it isn’t a big deal. For the home inspection though, the social worker comes in and can go through everything if he wants–open any drawr, look in all the closets. Absolutly every inch of our house is fair game. This person has the power to say I am not allowed to be a parent. I wish I didn’t, but I fear him. I’m afraid that he’ll say “no” and I won’t be able to do anything about it. I’m afraid that a social worker with no connection to me or my world will keep my babies from me. Because he can. So I work hard to make sure there is no reason to say no. Open any drawer, closet, peek behind the dressers, I’ll be ready. My house will sparkle and shine.
It is frustrating sometimes that something that is so easy for most people, and in fact often happens with no planning whatsoever, is so regimented for me.
It is even more frustrating that I have no control over much of the adoption process. That my motherhood happens at the whim and will of other people, many whom I have never met. But that’s the way it is. We don’t get to choose our challenges. We just have to face them.
So I will do my prep work. I will purge and prepare–I did it before the first baby, I’ll do it now as we get ready for another. If part of the price I have to pay for my children is the invasion and humilliation of a home study, I pay it gladly!
The bedroom looks great. Next–the Kitchen!

I’m having professional organizers in today. Admit it. You’re curious. 😉

Watch this space for details!