My mother and I went to the garden show today. Our city puts on a pretty spectacular show every year and we just love it. We wait for the ads to come on TV and call each other when we see the first one. Its a breath of spring early. when everything outside is still dead and brown, inside the Garden show the flowers are in full bloom, the trees are covered in blossoms, and the coi swim happily in their water features. The scent of Hyacinths is heady and dizzying in that pleasant, warm fresh way that they have.

But this year there was one highly disappointing problem. Three of the five main displays were NOT handicapped accessible. My mother is in a wheelchair so we were unable to see more than half of the gardens. In past years, while it has been tricky to get the wheelchair into the gardens, it has been possible. This year it wasn’t even possible. Very disappointing. We paid the same entry fee as everyone else, we should have been able to see all the displays. There were several other people in wheelchairs at the show, and they must have been just as disapointed as we were.
I wrote the chairperson, and she responded saying they’ll discuss the problem at the next board meeting. I plan to follow up. I get really defensive of my mom and other people I love. It’s bad enough that half the time people don’t notice her wheelchair and just stand around in the way like she isn’t even there. I want to shout ugly things at them, and shove them out of the way. Or maybe throw something at them. I have resisted the urge, thus far.
People do the same to children, not even noticing their presence till the child makes enough noise. The difference is a three foot tall child can duck through the crowd to see the sights, where as a woman in a wheelshair cannot.
Pay attention people! Open your eyes and see what is around you and if you can help someone by stepping back, do it!
Don’t even get me started on non-handicapped people parking in handicapped spots! or using the handicapped stall in a public Bathroom! I have really ugly things to say about that.