DS is feeling sooooo much better today, but still not eating anything. We’re pushing the fluids–which basically means I’m never more than three feet from a sippy cup and keep shoving one under his nose every chance I get. Poor Kid.

But he is so muck perkier today than yesterday. There is nothing, NOTHING worse than holding your feverish, crying child and knowing you can’t comfort him. It is truly awful. (I’m sure there are worse things, but I prefer not to think of them)

When my son was sitting so helpless and sad on my lap, his daddy picked up one of our cats and put him in our laps, and God Bless that cat, he stayed! He usually runs away right away. But he stayed right there and my son laughed and kiss kiss kissed the cat and I have never loved that cat more than I did at that moment. I cried I was so thankful to him for making my son happy for a few moments. I actually cried! He deserves a little kitty medal, such a good cat! (I can be forgiven for crying over something so silly when you remember I was running on no sleep. Later I had a lengthy bout of tipsy laughter over something that, when you come to think of it, really isn’t that funny. It’s funny, but not THAT funny.)

Is Adoption Fun?

March 11, 2006

Somebody asked me today if adoption is fun. Hmmmm. Fun. Perhaps not the word I would choose. Parenting is fun, getting there is hard. I guess it’s hard any way you do it. I think adoption is harder, but then I’ve never giving birth and I know there are others who would disagree with me. I was there for the birth of my friend’s second and third babies and it was a lot easier and faster than my “labor and delivery”. But she had fairly easy births, so again how do you compare that?

Is Adoption Fun? Adoption is the path I take to my children. It is hard and slow. Someone else is in charge.

BUT . . .

The end result is fantastic!!!!

The process of adoption itself is not the most fun ever, but being a mom sure is. 🙂