It’s About Time!

March 27, 2006

Gosh! It’s been ages since I updated! So I know ther isn’t a huge devoted folowing here, but for the random peekers-in, here’s all the news that is the news.

I’ve been a slacker on my garden boxes, which is just as well since we had snow the other day. Snow!!! It’s spring! there should be no more snow. So says I.

Beautiful boy is not feeling well at all. He had a stomach bug and have no idea where he caught it. The result though, is that nobody in our house got any sleep at all last night and I’ve washed all the bedding twice!

And in writing news–my current WIP, a YA novel, has a 20,000 word count! That’s 20% of a novel folks. That’s not too shabby 🙂

We love Harry Potter in our house. We are so devoted that we come just shy of stalking! So naturally we bought Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as soon as the DVD was available. Incidentally, #4 is my favorite book in the series. Well, this got DH and I to discussing the nuances of dear Severus Snape. (because of course Alan Rickman is deliciously dark in this movie. Yum!) We have a major difference of opinion in the Snape matter. See DH thinks Snape is pure evil, and I think Snape has good in him. Dumbledore believes in Snape and so do I!
Our mature debate went something like this:
DH:Snape is evil
me: No he’s good
DH: no he’s not
me: yes he is
Dh: nope
me: yep
DH: uh uh
me: uh hu
dh: he’s going to snuff it in the next book
me: Maybe, but we’ll all feel sad because he’s good.
Dh: Snape is evil
Me: no he’s good
dh: no he’s not
me: yes he is
dh: nope
me: yep

Get the picture? The final word? He’s wrong and Snape is good. I’m just sure of it. I think. I hope. Oh please let him be good! Write JK Rowling! Write!

self-confessed Snarkling

March 4, 2006

I have to tell you about Miss Snark. I LOVE her Blog. I’ve been reading her for about a week now and she is so witty and fun and more importantly, knowledgeable. The business of querying and finding an agent is a scary one. And even once you have an agent, knowing how that relationship should work–especially if you have no prior experience to draw on–is invaluable. I have an agent for my picture books. She has minimal contact with me and it is–since I signed a contract–always initiated by me. By minimal I don’t mean once or twice a month, I mean months!! I last spoke with her in the begining of January. I have her home number because I wrote it down from the caller ID after she caled here once. Without it I don’t think I could reach her at all. I sent an e-mail last week. So far no response. This was following Miss Snark’s advice, not for me specifically, but so many of my questions are answered incidentally, through her responses to othere writers. I’ll wait a week and send another e-mail, than one more. We’ll see what happens.
I just want to know who has seen and rejected my work. I want to know that someone is seeing my work, and that it isn’t just collecting dust in a file cabinet somewhere.
OK, enough about my agent. Someday, if I have the nerve and a question that I think is valid, I’ll ask Miss Snark. I’m not afraid of the nitwit of the day award–I bet I could earn a few with very little effort!

Any Snarklings reading this: I do have one question, but maybe you could help. How does one go about choosing a pen name (or three). My real name is thoroughly unpronounceable, so a pen name (or three) is in order. If my agent wasn’t so very hands-off I’d ask her. When we spoke the first time and she made a butchered mess of my name I assured her I would choose a pen name, and though she sounded relieved, she made no suggestions.

All Comments/ideas/suggestions/fantastic, memorable, super-duper pen names that I can use are welcome.

The Professional and the Muse

February 20, 2006

Yesterday I was an amatur. Paid nothing at all for the words I produced. Today in one fell swoop I am a professional! I am WRITER WOMAN!
I did some ghost writing. It didn’t pay much, but it wasn’t hard and didn’t take too long. It didn’t disrupt my morning and now I get to wait for a previously unexpected check to come in the mail.
I don’t know if I want to do more of this yet, though the tiny check I’m expecting is more than I have ever been paid for my writing before. My New Years Goal was to be paid for my writing. I have done that now.
What I really want to be paid for is my fiction. I want to be a novelist. So I am plugging away, putting a miniscule 500 words a day, at least, into my YA novel. 500 words a dey is not much, but 500 words a day is more than I have ever required of myself before. In the past I wrote only when inspiration struck and now I’m demanding constant inspiration. My Muse is working overtime.
So . . . the dilema is this: Do I focus on my creative efforts, having faith that someday they will be fruitful, to the exclusion of all other writing?
or . . . Do I ghost write periodically for a quick buck, knowing that my words will no longer be mine at all? When you read them on a website somewhere, you won’t know I wrote them. They will have someone else’s name attached to them.
or . . . Do I take a middle ground allowing the grunt work of ghost writing to support the higher demands of creativity?

The money four little 600 word articles made for me today is one third of the fees for a creative writing course I’ll be taking next month.

I hear the Jeopardy Theme music palying in my head.

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .